Please note that we are relocating and will be rearing new stock next year.

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Locally Farmed Escargots

EscargotWe are suppliers of the finest quality, herb fed, farmed snails to hotels, restaurants and caterers in Kent, and the South East of England.

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Wild food is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and the palate for snails has spread across the channel with many Brits now enjoying ‘escargots’.

dish of prepared escargotsDiscerning Chefs are keen to procure the finest of natural ingredients – and ideally from a local producer.

Kent Escargots are ready to plug this gap in the market with their herb fed, fresh, farmed snails. They are able to provide this delicacy to restaurants every week of the year By refining indoor farming methods used by many other major suppliers, a consistent and high quality product is assured.

To taste our products call or use our contact form and we will happily provide you with samples of the best snails available